Starter Leveling Guide To Escape From Tarkov

Escape from Tarkov is a strategic game to take on, even if you are already experienced in other FPS games, such as Arma 3, Half-Life 2, BioShock, etc. There multiple mode modes in the game, all of which can make gaming experience full of fun, and it would be better if you are aware of how to use for your personal gain.
Here is a guide for starters leveling in Escape from Tarkov.

Factory Raid
In EFT, the factory is a place where PMCs and Scavengers often appear, which can provide stacks of experience to level up. Whether you are a starter or experienced one, just kill all the PMCs and Scav you see in the factory, it is able to gain over 10,000 experience.

This is a challenge to complete quickly, there are many targets in Factory Raids, you need to kill many targets in a short period of time in order to gain enough experience, probably one kill per minute, so be prepared in advance, guns and ammo.

Find 3M armors
For starters, there is an easier way to gain experience than factory raids, but it is also starting at the factory.

These low-level players are allowed to go to the factory running and find 3M armors in different locations, instead of killing every target.

In a factory, there are three key locations to find, the main office with the safe, the scaffolding above Factory’s overpass, as well as the big shipping container beneath the overpass.

As long as you find these armors, you can continue to work for Skier’s Supplier quest to gain experience, during this period, you may encounter several scavengers, and gain additional experience by directly killing them.

Here are some quests to complete for starters to gain experience.

Debut- Level 1 Prapor Quest (600 XP)
The Extortionist- Level 7 Skier quest(3,200 XP)
Stirrup- Level 8 Skier quest(4,700 XP)

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