LEDX Skin Transilluminator


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A device designed to accurately determine the position of the veins under the skin.


  • In Buried barrel caches
  • In Dead Scavs
  • In Ground caches
  • In Medbag SMU06
  • In Medcases
  • In Medical supply crates
  • In Plastic suitcases
  • In Sport bags
  • Everywhere other medical supplies can spawn, examples below:

The Lab

  • Inside the orange dome in the Main Working Area of The Lab:
    • On top of one of the barrels near the left rear side of the dome from the entrance
    • On the barrel in front of the forklift
    • On top of a barrel just to the right of the entrance
  • In the server room office (B12), next to the leftmost laptop
  • Inside the round shaped metal box in Laboratory block (G22)
  • On the metal shelf(s) in Quaratine Zone at Laboratory block (G11)


  • Office 104 West wing
  • West wing room 205 on nightstand
  • West wing room 216
  • West wing room 301 on the top of the white cans (can also be found in the room attached via balcony on desk or on the bed)
  • Office 107 East wing
  • East wing room 222
  • East wing room 226 on the shelves in the dresser behind the door
  • East wing room 227 (top of washer/dryer)
  • East wing room 306
  • East wing room 313 on the top of boxes (East wing room 314 key allows access to room 313)
  • East wing room 328
  • Admin Building, on top of metal cart next to cafeteria tray
  • In the back of the ambulance outside the front of the resort building


  • In the Pharmacy
  • In the EMERCOM medical unit
  • In the ULTRA medical storage room
  • Can be found in the back of an ambulance, west entrance to the mall
  • On tables in the “Mantis” Store


  • In the RB-SMP room