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Information gathered by the website on visitors

Information we gather is similar to other websites, we gather a visitors IP address, address, page their visiting, their geolocation, photo ID and their referring page as well as other data and or information that may required to prevent digital fraud against KQIX.CC – This information may shared/sold to other third parties at the KQIX.CC’s discretion. Cookies may be used to remember visitor preferences/logins/passwords when interacting with the website upon re-visit. When a user signs up through the website using an email/password that information is saved and stored on KQIX.CC’s databases. replika saatler tag heuer replica wathces

ID documents/other verification documents/other verification

You here fully consent to KQIX Limited using any and all verification documents or verification required to prevent harm to KQIX Limited the digital fraud. Upon submitting documents or information to KQIX Limited you automatically relinquish any data protection laws protection regarding your region. You hereby grant KQIX Limited the right to release any documents or verification information at the behest of authorities or a third party that KQIX Limited so wishes. On release and handling of any documents, you hereby fully grant KQIX Limited the right to determine at their discretion who a qualified third party is information may released to. replica de relojes

Subscription Lists & Signup

If you have subscribed to one of our KQIX.CC services, you may unsubscribe by following the instructions which are included in e-mail that you receive. Before unsubscribing please contact us to see there’s anything to keep you! If you wish have your site account removed please send email to [email protected] – Please note the account deletion requests may rejected up to period of (6 months) at KQIX.CC’s discretion due to anti-fraud. ρεπλικα ρολογια

Payment processors

Please know that payment processors listed on KQIX.CC are not affiliated nor owned by KQIX Limited thus giving KQIX Limited no jurisdiction over the respective companies, you (the customer/visitor) are responsible for knowing each one of payment processors individual policies and stances on certain issues, these payment processors operate as middleman allowing a payment transaction to take place between you and KQIX Limited. Any issues or inquiries regarding payment processors or payments made through the website should directed to respective payment processor, you have inquiry about order or other issue please email us at [email protected]


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