Fallout 76 Would Bring Pets To Wastelanders

Fallout 76 Wastelanders brought a new group of residents in Appalachia, NPC, which received quite a good response from the player group.

Bethesda seems to have been planning some big events, now that human NPCs, settlers, raiders and companions have arrived in Fallout 76, what will be the next one? Will you need some fetching partners to accompany you, for example, Pets?

Posted on Reddit, Pets in Fallout 76 would be an excellent addition based on the current companions system, especially for those who typically solo, which is good at defending your base and providing a bit of flirty chit-chat, but never come with you on adventures. Just in real life, pets will accompany you in Fallout 76 and become your non-speaking friends.

The pets are usually caged in a petting zoo, sometimes trained to defend your homestead, and the main attraction was keeping as docile creatures in Fallout 76, just like Dogmeat in Fallout 4. This seems like a foregone conclusion to add such pets in Fallout 76 patches, beyond that, more story DLCs would be seen in the future.
So if asking “Are pets coming soon?” Yes, it could very well be coming to Fallout 76 and settle in Appalachia like good boys, as Bethesda has opened the doggy door to the potential of a future update.

Do you have any thoughts about the pets to add in Fallout 76? a docile cute cat, or Dogmeat?

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