Path of Exile, short for POE, is a popular game with millions of players all over the world. Unlike other MMORPGs,Path of Exile has a currency system that revolves around a variety of different orbs and scrolls. Each currency item serves a specific function in the crafting and enhancement of a character’s equipment, or allowing restructuring of the character’s passive skill tree in the case of the Orb of Regret.

Currency items can be found as drops from monsters or chests, bought directly from different vendors in town, or received through the use of the vendor recipe system by trading specific configurations of items to any town vendor. Currency items play a large role in the player to player trading system, with rare orbs able to be traded for powerful equipment, or even other types of orbs that a player might need at the time for crafting. Here is a list of POE Currency items that you should know.

List of POE Currency

Apprentice Cartographer’s Sextant

Armourer’s Scrap

Blacksmith’s Whetstone

Blessed Orb

Cartographer’s Chisel

Chaos Orb

Chromatic Orb

Divine Orb

Exalted Orb

Gemcutter’s Prism

Glassblower’s Bauble

Jeweller’s Orb

Journeyman Cartographer’s Sextant

Master Cartographer’s Sextant

Mirror of Kalandra

Orb of Alchemy

Orb of Alteration

Orb of Annulment

Orb of Augmentation

Orb of Chance

Orb of Fusing

Orb of Regret

Orb of Scouring

Orb of Transmutation

Portal Scroll

Regal Orb

Scroll of Wisdom

Vaal Orb

Silver Coin

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